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"My mind... digitalized!"

Notice: Some pages have an outdated design. I have to update them 1 at a time.

To do list:
Update the style handling for all webpages
Recreate the LEGO mechanical computer video to a smaller file size
Create the images for My algorithum for continuous resolution (fractal like imaging)

Minecraft projects
Ethanpuppy comics
Unicharacters - Includes a downloadable font.
My 🐔 animations
My s
My Mandelbulb renderings
My new 🖰 idea
My free (CC-BY) textures
My lego mechanical computer
Small 5 digit binary lego abacus
Realistic pixel art self challange
My algorithum for continuous resolution (fractal like imaging)
Notice: Some linguistics require you to know about and how to use the International Phonetic Alphabet.
And use the International Phonetic Alphabet symbols.

My conlangs
My conlang ideas
My language file idea (old)
My language file idea (version 2)
My custom (English) words
Curious vowel combinations
Better International Phonetic Alphabet characters - Someone beat me to this! Link!
Universal word for 'I don't speak your language'
Universal word for 'Use as many universal symbols as possible when you talk to me'
Emoji for emoji
Translatable jokes! 🤣
Direct & indirect translation
My universal symbols
4 basic animal calls (that I can think ov)
Extensions ov 'what'
Number emoticons
Rewritten English
If English only had 3 letter words
If English had 5 vowel (sounds) instead ov 10 vowel (sounds)
English site-words explained
Why are Blissymbols not in Unicode yet?
My GIMP seamless image operation
How to import models from other blender files (blender tutorial)

Blender animations
Ethanpuppy videos

Castle (🏰) Dodge
(Text mode) Chicken (🐔) game (coming soon)
EDG PENCILS (coming soon)
EDG SANDBOX 3D (coming soon)
How to play Supertuxkart with 1 hand
(Arduino) Space ship game (coming soon)
My game attempt for an abacus (coming soon)

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